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The full patch notes are posted on the battlefield forums, but for your convenience you can just give em a look down below. Clicking check for updates or repair install returns. The games april 10 patch notes stated the deagle was buffed by. Csgo april 16 patch nerfs deagle, adds warmup mode, more. Fall update patch notes update highlights the main focus for this update has been the finalization of the community map project, resulting in the map operation outbreak which we built openly on the community test environment.

Players will be able to land headshots less than a second after landing. Its almost not fair comparing the two, because theyre different types of shooters. Also provides a great clicking experience for those. Battlefield 4 september patch is rolling out now patch. Winter patchnotes patch highlights the winter patch contains a lot of improvements and fixes to the game. The game update notes discuss stability fixes that should remove a large amount of the client crashes. Go if they want to, on steroids with extra features, destructions, and levolution. Soldier traversal and collision significant improvements have been made to how the soldier traverses the world.

My little note at the top of the content article basically explains everything that happened recently. Deagle improved accuracy while jumping, lowering the time to recover accuracy after the player lands tec9 reduced firing inaccuracy. The atmosphere is soothingly eerie, and the layout promotes both close quarter and. Updatesupdated backend queuing and web framework, which should make your website experience faster and seamless. Here is the full list of changes and improvements included in the winter patch. Welcome to the lupkow pass update our fourth monthly update and the first map release for battlefield 1 in the name of the tsar expansion. New csgo patch nerfs krieg, buffs deagle, and changes entire ct meta. For indepth details on all the balancing tweaks below, head to balancing bf4 articles blogs. All platforms update march 3rd 2015 march 3, 2015 patch notes no comments. On the bright side when i go over an area that just had half my team on it i wont get blown up by the mines that were. All changes applies to all platforms unless explicitly stated otherwise. Ive been looking around on here to see if theres any patch notes but dont see anything, im probably just skimming by it. Welcome to the update notes for the nivelle nights update. Latest csgo deagle buffs has players questioning its insane.

This patch will address several stability and balancing issues, graphical glitches, repair rate speeds, and more. The patch finally nerfs one of csgo players least favorite weapons. Apocalypse patch notes are live battlefield forums. There are more variables into effectively getting kills in bf than in cs. When i put in the bf1 disc and go to the bf4 tab and click get bf4 it says install and everything is already installed. Added the possibility in spectator mode to fire at a player from freecam to go into 1st person view of that player. Still requires more skill than cod or bf4, where learning curve is. Dice has released a new update for the battlefield 4 ui. Go update with map changes, deagle gets jump buff the longawaited krieg sg 553 nerf is here as valves latest update to counterstrike. Dice will publish full patch notes of all the changes in the battlefield forums after the update rolls out tomorrow. The patch notes will be posted once they go live ill also update this post.

Ps4, pc and xbox one patch notes revealed battlefield 1 update 1. Huge battlefield 3 pc patch notes detailed new squad. The krieg was finally nerfed after months at the top of the tier list, while the underutilized aug and m4a1s for cts. The deagles accuracy jumping has been affected by a new weapon parameter valve added today. Its exactly the same thing that happened in bf3 and bf4, it starts out alright, and then gradually turns more and more into war thunder as infantry is reduced to free kills for vehicles. Also known as puppy bf4, puppy battlefield 4, puppyprobe bf4, puppyprobe battlefield 4. New prison, the agency, leaked deadpool skins and cosmetics. Thank you ea for making bf4 unplayable after this patch. The longawaited september patch for battlefield 4 has started rolling out on pc, with consoles following later today. Today we are rolling out a new pc update for battlefield 4. Go you buy the game and youre done, every option is open to you.

This was a typo, m417 does not exist in bf4fix for a broken animation when switching to aws as main weapon. Battlefield 1 update delivers new map and a grenade. Dont forget to set it back to none when you want to play online again. This release also includes a pretty extensive vehicle balance pass, which prompted us to change the. Battlefield 1 update delivers new map and a grenade launcher. Latest csgo deagle buffs has players questioning its. Go update fixes deagle, makes huge changes to vertigo, and more. Deagle improved accuracy while jumping, lowering the time to. Maybe read the patch notes, they really didnt make the game easier. You will find the full patch notes below, and as always, in the control room. New battlefield 4 pc update out now news battlelog. Pc xbox 360 ps3 update july 8th 2014 july 10, 2014 patch notes no comments. About adkgamers the adk multigaming community was founded in mid 2009. Battlefield 4 spring update patch notes outline map tweaks.

My bad for getting a little to personal and direct with a message like that. Black screen after loading level, then crashes after a few seconds. Dice has released a new update for battlefield 4 today, which they hope will finally get it working the way it always should should have. Updated javascript framework to vuejs, which should make vueing pages much faster and more reactive. The latest update to battlefield 1 fixes a number of freeze and. Adk was created as a fun, laid back gaming environment to give gamers for any game a place to call home and be able to help expand the community to others around the world. Been busy playing secret world but right now i have an fps itch, online and campaign, competative, maybe even coop. New csgo patch nerfs krieg, buffs deagle, and changes. Battlefield 4 spring update patch notes outline map tweaks, weapon changes all of the details about this weeks major update. I been really busy with just life issues in general. Gameplay added oneonone warmup arenas when playing wingman mode on vertigo and train added a new weapon parameter inaccuracy jump apex, set to 331. The muchanticipated winters update will land for battlefield 1 tomorrow. I will earn a free copy of cs go or battlefield i just wanna know what game has the best experience for someone new coming to the series i know cs go is more competitive but i would like to know is it friendly. The deagle was just one of six guns changed during cs.

The patch notes say that only users on very old intel hardware. Battlefield 1 shotguns wont snipe you anymore update. Global offensive brings changes to six weapons and maps. Gos new update adds a 1v1 warmup mode, nerfs deagle. Pc, xbox one, and battlelog feb 25 2014 february 25, 2014. Battlefield 1s winter update brings map voting to the. Battlefield 4 gets a ui update to make it easier for you. In the summer patch the headshot multiplier for shotgun slugs and heavy pistols revolvers and the deagle was reduced from x2. This new pop flash blinds almost every angle in infernos b site. Battlefield 4 new patch notes for 2016 what does this year have in store for bf4. Battlefield 4 is still getting patches, even theyre mostly qualityoflife improvements.

The wiki is dedicated to collecting all information related to the franchise, such as the games, weapons, levels, maps, characters and more. Global offensive updates, which add two key new changes to the fps games gameplay along with a bunch of map, ui, and miscellaneous tweaks. Today battlefield 4 has been patched, which has improved the netcode and other aspects of the game. Go april 16 patch notes 1vs1 warmup, deagle nerf dot. Battlefield 4 weapon faq xbox one by barticle gamefaqs. Battlefield wiki is a comprehensive database focusing on the battlefield video game series. Im also curious because i figured dice was completly done with bf4. Bf1 winter patch notes patch downloading today tbgclan. According to valves april 10 patch notes, the sg553 now has a. The patch notes say that only users on very old intel hardware should use the option, claiming that it.

While dice hasnt released the official patch notes yet, taking a close look at the patch notes for the community. You need to install or patch the game before playing. Go released an update that made significant changes to some of the core aspects of the game, including the design of popular maps, weapon balance, and tagging. New battlefield 4 patch out now is biggest and most. Lets start with some highlights of the bigger changes and features. In bf4s spring patch in may 2015 the standard headshot damage multiplier was increased from x2. Bf4 is splintered into dlc packs, so youll end up spending a lot more if you want the whole experience. Battlefield is more of a realistic action shooter, whereas cs. And if you cant always play with your friends or on the server you want unless you have the matching dlc packs. You can find the full patch notes for the 41620 cs.

Updated website footer design, so you can find the stuff you want. The deagle has been nerfed just a week after its buff, a warmup mode has been added, and a couple of quality of life features from. The map features the french army facing off against the germans in mudfilled trenches. The following changes have been made to the website. Added a new weapon parameter inaccuracy jump apex, set to 331. New csgo patch nerfs krieg, buffs deagle, and changes entire ct.

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